Mapping Tools in the Classroom

P1100593 (2)On March 29, 2016 I conducted a CSU Center for Faculty Excellence Workshop “Google Mapping Tools in the Classroom” for CSU faculty members. This page is a repository of the resources for that workshop. All are welcome to browse the materials.

Workshop Description: This workshop explores the pedagogical uses of Google Maps and Google Earth (GE). Participants from across the university will learn how to incorporate basic mapping skills, such as measuring distance, into lessons and lectures. The workshop will also cover how to locate and use .kml and .kmz data layers for teaching. Such layers include United Nations data, thematic maps, and street views. Basic familiarity with Google applications is beneficial, but not required for participation.

Workshop Google Site:

Workshop Slides:

2016_tech_conf_eventbrite*Update 6/2016: I am excited to announce that this workshop (tailored for Grades 6-12 educators) has been accepted for the 2016 Ideastream Technology + Learning Conference in Cleveland on November 15, 2016!